Work on your swing and have fun at the same time!!!

What do golf and dance have in common? Both require the development of brain-body coordination, the complex integration of your senses (sight, balance, rhythm, proprioception) and nearly every muscle you have in a precisely timed sequence of neuromuscular events. In other words, they require your body and mind to communicate with each other actively and dynamically.

Dance2golf uses specially-developed exercises and techniques to systematically cultivate your mind-body communication. In just a few weeks you can improve your strength, flexibility and coordination to improve not just your golf, but your everyday movement as well.

Think about how dancers train and see if any of this sounds familiar:

• They practice movements repeatedly to develop an “inner feel” for them.
• They work with mirrors to learn what correct movements look like “from the outside.”
• They use visualization to achieve and internalize optimal movement patterns.
• They train individual body parts in isolation to learn specific movements.
• They work to develop coordination between body parts and smooth synchronization of combined movements.
• They develop a sense of rhythm that guides the proper flow of movement.
• They do exercises that build their strength and flexibility.
• They work with music, which makes the whole experience more fun and enjoyable.